• What Are The Costs For Developing a Website?

    Web design and web development cost has been increasing drastically because of new features and extensive demands of their respective industries. Providing a rough estimate of cost has become tough as one never knows what is inside the mind of a client until he/she comes up with a detailed list of their requirements. In this article we are going to cover basic questions  you must consider when planning to get a new website built for your business and costs that we have researched for individualized pricing for web development.

    Throughout this article we will go into detail of these questions and present you with an average budgets for each. We are giving prices on the basis of our years of experience in this field and that does not mean we are giving you a perfect quote. Anything that you see below are general averages of other marketing agencies. TB Creations provides many components shown below as bundled tiers for cost savings.


    Basic parts of a website and an estimated costs:

    We can give a rough idea of how much a web design will cost on the basis of the information provided below. There are a few basic components of each web design project which are listed below:

    •  Domain name: $10-$15/year
    •  Web Hosting– $10-$100/year (based on different traffic range and hosting company)
    •  Website design, development, planning time- Approximately 60-80 hours
    •  Annual site maintenance charges- Approximately $600-$2000/year (Depends upon update frequency & work required)
    •  Online marketing of website (SEO)-$700-$1000/month


    Some important things which count in a web design cost:

    While planning to get an estimate cost of a new web design, you should ask the following questions to yourself:

    •  Are you looking for a brand new website or redesign of an existing site?
    •  Have you prepared a list of details and requirements which you are looking forward to have in your upcoming website? This is important while asking developers for bids on your project
    • Do you need….
      •  a CMS (Content Management System) or are you including Blog/Articles  inside your website?
      •   graphics/photos for website or do you already have them?
      •  a responsive website for scalability against desktop devices and mobile devices? (This is a standard now with the rising usage of mobile devices)
      •  multimedia or rich content such as videos?
      • content creation
      •  some add-ons for this web design project like SEO, eCommerce and social media integration(facebook/linkedin/twitter/pinterest ?
      •  website maintenance services once it is developed?


    Discovery and documentation of site:

    A new site costs more than old site redesign. If you have a website and need it redesigned by using new graphics and features then it would cost you less than a brand new one as most of the basic things like domain name and a hosting registrar has been established so these costs can be skipped unless you are also changing over domain registrars.

    Discovery and documentation is a preliminary first stage and quite important in formulating a layout, structure and road map for the development of the website. This step  involves planning for branding, structure, and functionality. Clients will be required to have several meetings with the developer in this stage to go back and forth until it is fully finalized.


    Interface design:

    Interface design is very critical to your web design process as this is what you will present to your customers and visitors. It involves development and creation of layouts, new images, graphics, and page layouts for your website according to your requirements and industry. If you have some designs in hand and think that you will over look this step we DO NOT recommend. Remember if you are coming to a web company you are trusting that they put your business in a position to be successful.  TB Creations for example has over 10 years experience with web development so when a client comes to us with layouts we carefully examine them and see if they make sense for their industry and if it will be the best approach to take or if the layouts need to be tweaked slightly to reduce page bounce rates.

    In any case, you ‘ll have to discuss your designs or images with your developer and then he/she will present you with different design options.  A small business website can cost you anywhere from $1200-$3400, based on your requirements and quality of web design you are looking for.


    Images and graphics:

    Images prices vary from as low as $10 and up depending on the quality and resolution of the image. Applying compelling and relevant photos to your website makes a huge difference in how effective you portray your message. We would recommend setting aside about $100 for stock photography or hiring a team like ours who also provide photography services  for images tailored to your industry.


    Responsive or Mobile site design:

    As we all know  mobile devices have a great role in the success of an online business and that is why we cannot ignore this fact when developing a new website. The best way to incorporate a website for both desktop and mobile devices is to develop a responsive website. A responsive website often costs 20%-35% more than a simple desktop website. If you want to give more preference to mobile customers and design a separate mobile site for them then it would cost approximately 50% more.


    Content creation and Insertion:

    For small business website, it is always better to get websites designed and then write content by yourself. Mostly developers add what is known as “lorum ipsum” or dummy text in the text field which can be replaced with useful content by the owner of site via CMS. However, if you need top notch content at each page of your website than you can allocate a budget of $50-$60/page depending upon the word limit.


    Programming  special features:

    There are tons of features which web developers can integrate into your website to improve your business. Incorporating these features will obviously cost you extra and it will ultimately increase your budget. There is short but broad review of different features and how much(approximately) they will cost you separately if not bundled in your web project.

    Content Management SystemsClients who wish to manage and update their website  demand for a Content Management System (CMS). Web developers can typically do this by using PHP coupled with WordPress or Drupal. This on average costs between  $2000 – $8,000 depending upon your website and business requirements.

    Training to maintain-If you have plans to work on your website on your own later and save maintenance costs then you must need a guide to learn a few basics of updating and maintaining a CMS. For this purpose your developer can ask you for an extra amount of money for training. Typically  $400 to $1200.

    Blog if you are looking forward to add a blog with commenting system in your website than it may cost you around $1000 to $2500. Sites requiring E-commerce or shopping carts which includes payment processing options, add around $2000+ to your budget.

    Email Marketing– Clients who look forward to setting up email marketing campaigns and collecting emails of clients need an email management tool. Your developer can do this for you but on the cost of around $700 +

    Branding/Logo Design– In order to improve your identity in the online world, you always need a unique and different logo for your business. Getting a logo designed from some designer can cost you an additional sum of $325 and higher depending on skill set.

    Targeted landing– Landing pages are used to promote a product and email marketing campaigns. You can get a perfect landing page designed for different products cost around $450.

    Newsfeed–  $400

    Contact form– approximately $250-$300

    Photo Gallery– $200 – $400

    SEO work– $450 – $650

    Social Media integration-Creating and maintaining different social media pages like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram etc- $400


    Small business website cost breakdown:

    As you can see getting a website designed and developed requires more than one may think and can be pricey when getting each component done separately. At TB Creations we aim to provide you bundled packages for your web design needs at affordable prices. Typically the break down for most organizations in terms of price consist of the following below.

    •  Planning- 15%
    •  Designing of interface-25%
    •  Programming-40%
    •  Project management & completion-20%


    Maintenance cost:

    The final thing which we missed out on is maintenance of your website. While a small business owners can handle their website on their own, once their business grows they need someone dedicated to take care of their website. Web maintenance  often involves updating themes and fixing  bugs, which occasionally appear in your site. You can hire a developer for this purpose for $100 per month vs average maintenance fees for businesses being $75/hour.


    A final note:

    If you are looking to get your website developed as soon as possible invest in the right team that will be able to handle everything for you while you work to grow your business.  Don’t settle for less,….Select The Best team for the job  Contact TB Creations Today!



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