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    Are You A Website Designer? Update yourself on the latest trends in web design!

    As you very well might know, website design is the process of creatively designing websites. This is a systematic process, which starts with you – the designer in this case – gathering information concerning the client’s company and needs, as well as, the targeted audience.

    Once you have sufficient information, you can go ahead and start planning, whereby you will define the project at hand and document it. The third step involves designing the information by designing the navigation on top of designing the interface of the website or webpage.

    Also, you will engage yourself in graphic designing where you are supposed to make the page or site look pretty through establishing a balance between the visual elements and the topography (readability topography). A team of several individuals over a single designer does a better job in web designing. This is because the activities involved require an integrator, a designer and a developer to be part of the team something that a single person hardly is.

    This results in a high quality website design as it brings about different and unique ideas on board. Some time back, websites were just a mere medium before some people saw it fit to make them more dynamic. Since then, key technologies have seen the revolutionization of website design and have made it more interactive. Trends continue evolving each day and some of the latest trends are listed below.

    Typography, being an essential aspect of website design, has seen more people focusing on the readability of their websites. Therefore, web designers are giving priority on the type of font they use when designing a site. In the near future, designers are expected to avoid using a large number of different fonts on a single page, and give more emphasis on the simple, but fancy fonts. In addition, there will be an increased usage of distinct fonts in order the make the usage of mobile Internet easier.

    In the past, a large number of websites were created to be responsive; a trend that is still continuing at present. By responsiveness, a web design is made in such a way that it suits all screen sizes whether it is a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or a PC. This means that designers have to use fluid layouts over fixed width layouts.

    Single page design will become a trend targeted for small businesses. It will present all the required information in the homepage in clear-cut and concise manner. This is meant to save the amount of time spent by the user besides yielding better results for business. The layout is also more convenient to the user since this long home page, is allowing the user to scroll down and have a view of information.

    Navigation is such a prominent factor that has to be considered whenever a website is being designed. The latest trend in navigation is fixed navigation, which keeps all the main links visible in all the pages.

    With these trends and many more, website design is bound to revolutionize profoundly!

    Article Written By: floydlester20 


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